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If a small indi can implement 5e, then no we didn't need Larian cheese to make the game work.

This is a SP dating sim, based on a DOS mod.

That's it. The team isn't passionate about d&d, they actively look for ways to avoid it!

I have zero hope currently for this game. Modders are the only shot at saving it from just being a flash in the pan meme.
Scribe, you have been warned before for the unconstructive negativity nature of your posts, as well as insulting others. Keep to constructive criticism.
I sincerely would like some clarification here please. Insulting others should certainly be off the table. But what I have always loved most about this forum is that negative posts about this game and/or Larian have been accepted, and even defended by the mods. Is it new forum policy that negativity about this game and/or Larian is no longer allowed?