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I've mentioned this in the past, implementing:
  • proper movement cost for climbing
  • proper movement cost ascending steep hills (rough terrain)

Along with the collision detection in the divinity engine innately gives a lot of strategic value to terrain.

The game would be more enjoyable with that instead of Advantage from high ground and Disadvantage from low ground.
Climbing a ladder should realistically cost double movement. But even costing normal movement would be better than the ~free cost ladders have now.

I still think that implementing collision detection and cover is too much work for too little benefit. Currently, you can target any portion of an enemy to hit. So in order to detect cover, the game would basically have to calculate all possible lines-of-sight to your target's body parts and determine what % of them were blocked.
It's much simpler and similar enough to just change height advantage/disadvantage to a flat +2 to hit when elevated. Maybe also a -2 to hit when on a lower elevation.