Unfortunately, the class (or sub-class, rather) I am looking forward to is not included in BG3. frown Ever since PoE2, Arcane Archer has been the unrivaled favorite class for me - the combination of archery and magic just took my breath away. Both in how effective it was, how fun it was and how absolutely amazing the entire class-fantasy felt. 11/10 would play again!

Unfortunately, Arcane Archer seems to be a sub-class of Fighters accoring to 5e, and it does not seem to be included at all in BG3. q _ q Probably because it apparently belongs to Xanathar's Guide to Everything frown One can hope it will be included, someday.

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Hoot hoot, stranger! Fairly new to CRPGs, but I tried my best to provide some feedback regardless! <3 Read it here: My Open Letter to Larian