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Oh come on, the data gathering they are doing is very important and significant, and I am also sure they listen a great deal more than we give them credit for. I do believe they aren't really the best at communicating on the points raised on these forums, but I still VERY much have faith in them. They are one of my absolute favourite game companies, maybe even my number one favourite, and they are currently undertaking the game that I would consider the most profound game of my life so far, so I remain very hopeful! =)

Data gathering without context is useless. When they see everyone abusing broken stealth, backstab, jump/disengage, etc instead of using actual 5e spells and skills they could easily assume that because people are using the tactics, that those are what people find to be compelling and fun about the game, when rather, the game itself railroads you into using those tactics unless you want to spend your playtime savescumming.
I'm afraid of this too. I use all the exploits because I like to play "well" within the rules of a game, but at the same time I hate it and it's frustrating because you realize how much better the game could be. It just makes me want to stop playing.

A well worded poll would be much more informative for them.

I think the game has already strayed so far from 5e that it really needs an official "5e RAW" mode to keep D&D players happy. Something like that needs to be designed right from the start instead of haphazardly slapped on top as an afterthought.