I’m highly satisfied with the game, so hope they don’t change much, apart from fixing the bugs, and adding new stuff.

- New classes and races would be cool, the animation is amazing, so they could create really cool looking orcs, preferably playable ones. My current favorite ones are the half elves, I can finally create bearded elves.

- Increased party size (at least for those who want that, it’s always possible to dismiss them for those who prefer less companions. In my case was hard enough with only 4, some battles took me almost 1 hour, since I kept dying, and I was often outnumbered)

- The option to create more than one character for single player, that I could probably meet in the ship or later, and add as an extra companion. At least have that option in another game mode if it doesn’t fit the story.

- I can play this game for many hours nonstop, so day and night cycle can be useful, then I can see how many days have passed there, but actually not that necessary, a lot more important things than this. It can get annoying if done wrong.

- Option to hire or recruit more minions, also Lump the Enlightenment disappeared after I used him in a battle, I was trying to find him, so I could possibly make a new deal, but nowhere to be found.

- A lot of characters have really cool scars, like Wyll for example, it would be cool if we have to option to add scars to our own characters too, a few different body types too, and more faces for human, there wasn’t any option for Asians or Nordic people as a human.