The main issue is that DOS realm is Larian-originated and no one has anything to compare it to. They had 100% control and IP over what they did and built what they wanted to build. As shown by numerous videos and streams from them over the years, the personalities that work there seem very jovial and playful.

They crammed a lot into DOS, sometimes too much, at the expense of losing some of the cohesion. The adage Less Is More does not really exist for their way of thinking.

With BG3, it is based on an exist set of rules which are very restrictive and defined. There is a little room for some homebrew, but I think the conflict comes because Swen always talks about how he has to sometimes curve ideas because they go down rabbit holes often wanting to add, change, and experiment with things.

As Saito Hikaru has said before, they are serving two masters. There is a part of the player base who wants almost pure DnD 5e rules. There is a part of the player base who does not want dice rolls, hates all the RNG, hates the restriction of some of the 5e confinement.

So they are never going to make everyone happy with whatever they do. I can only hope there is a lot of things in the Options menu to turn certain things on/off and it be a one-time thing at the beginning of the game that does not toggle.

If Story Mode or whatever wants no-effort advantage and all of that, cool.

But whatever Larian will call Tactician should definitely not have a lot of the stuff placed in EA.