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Apart from Lyra Belaqua - that specific half elf preset, I really love tieflings - all faces are so unique and nice, but this one is my favorite - this is Lyara, tiefling warlock:

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Yeah this face is the only one I like for the tieflings. The problem with tieflings as your main character though, is that you'll find at least a few doppelgangers in the druid grove, whereas our half-elf preset is almost never used by the game's NPCs, which adds to her uniqueness.

I must say, I like all female tiefling faces, they all look nice, but this one is my favorite. You are right about the doppelganger in the Grove and what is worse, they can use hair, your character can't use without mods (the lady in my profile was made with a hair for all mod, so she could use a hairstyle, that is normally unavailable).

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