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I really don't know how Larian could deal with this grin


Just a joke, the reality is way more nuanced as Saito explained very well (here and on reddit).

There's only a few players that want a 100% D&D game.
There's only a few that wants something totally different.

Many just want a good tactical TB game in which you have many meaningfull choices and possibilities.
A better balance between D&D/Larian's homebrew is all we need.

I think that's one of the purposes of early access and something we can expect to see, we just can't expect to see it quickly. It's not like Larian want a wildly imbalanced shallow game either so the question is going to be how they will strike that balance and how successful they will be. Unfortunately Larian have kind of settled on the "not communicating at all" style of communication so really we're going to have to be very patient.