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I really don't know how Larian could deal with this grin


Just a joke, the reality is way more nuanced as Saito explained very well (here and on reddit).

There's only a few players that want a 100% D&D game.
There's only a few that wants something totally different.

Many just want a good tactical TB game in which you have many meaningfull choices and possibilities.
A better balance between D&D/Larian's homebrew is all we need.

I think most are completely OK with the game not being 100% DND, but I think that if you've made the choice to base the game on DND rules, set in Forgotten Realms, it's kind of weird to then not use the system you are supposed to use and market that you use? Now, obviously, Larian *DOES* use the DND rules to a large extent, and I don't think most people mind homebrewing, myself included. It's just that so far I think the majority of those who are not satisfied are merely such because the homebrewing isn't really done well so far. Or not well enough. In many instances the Larian homebrewing is either making things unbalanced, or they give too many options, while in other cases they give too few options. Things could certainly be finetuned, changed, added and fixed so far.

But hey; that's why we're in EA! =)

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