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Good suggestions @Gustavo R but I'd modify a few things

- Sneak attack: I think you're talking about Backstab here, in which case the D&D option should be that no one can Backstab. Alternatively, see below
- Backstab: Backstab Advantage (Larian) / Flanking Advantage (D&D optional) / Flanking +2 (balanced) / No Backstab (D&D core)
- Monster's HP: The D&D 5e option would have to also change Monster AC, otherwise the goblin fights (the ~only monster Larian has significantly adjusted HP&AC-wise) would become trivial.
- XP Gain: I don't think having a "Monster Manual" XP gain would really make sense. 25%, 50%, 100%, and 150% of Larian XP would be better
- Who can use scrolls: I'm not sure that there is a feat that specifically gives you the ability to cast scrolls. I'd replace this option with "With a successful Arcana check"

Thank you. I used to play AD&D back in the day. I am far from being an expert in D&D 5e.

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