Dear developers at Larian studios and fans,

I know this is not the first time this has been posted and sadly, this topic often times contains rants from dissapointed players. However, I want to present to you a post from reddit with a very constructive discussion that has gained huge attention.

This is the link to the post:

Please make sure to read the comment section aswell, for it contains a constructive discussion of many more things!

Please read this post thoroughly. But also, read the discussion of players in the comments. There are many multiple things to discuss. For example advantage gained from high ground vs spending a full action and a spell slot on faery fire to gain advantage. The ability to constantly dip any weapon into a torch, or a candle, which can be dropped from your inventory during combat, to gain 1d4 bonus fire damage on every single attack. The amount of potions, scrolls and food and lots of other things.

This is the post without the comment section:

So recently there was a thread explaining why the poster thought that BG3 doesn't have to play like 5e. It gained some traction but to me, this really missed the issues of why people don't like the changes made in Larian's take on the franchise. In a nutshell, Larian has caused some massive imbalances with changes they've made to the game.

Shove is a premier example, it is an instant kill button on some enemies, free damage on others, and as a bonus action you always have access to it from level one and always exists as an option after your primary actions are taken. But that's not all, this also invalidates what is normally the premier reason for a tank character to grab the shield master feat, because it enables shove as part of the attack action, allowing you to knock enemies prone, create space for allies, position enemies better, or indeed, yeet them off of cliffs. But that is something that normally exists as a FEAT LIMITED TO A WEAPON TYPE for a reason.

Want another easy one? Disengage as a bonus action. Disengage is meant to be a "get out of jail" card used by character in a disadvantage situation at the cost of their turn. The only class which is meant to get it as a bonus action is the rogue with the use of cunning action. By giving it to everyone, you only nerf the rogue and for no real reason either, I mean who asked for this change? It almost completely eliminates opportunity attacks as a threat entirely. On that note, who should get access to sneak attack? A rogue using a light weapon, that is why daggers exist in 5e.

Consumables at the moment are absolutely nuts, barrels provide free fireballs on standby to anyone who picks them up and the floor effects are infuriating.

Larian has, by changing so many aspects of 5e, completely killed any sense of balance in their encounters. The thing that 5e is so often praised for was butchered and watered down and the worst part is it was done for no real reason. I would actually like to see Larian discuss and explain why many of these changes were done, because it seems to me they have put themselves into a slow spiral of making numerous small changes to cover gaps that their previous changes made in the system, instead of just faithfully keeping the system that was not broken in the first place.

So let me conclude this with discussing some of the points usually made in defense of Larian's take.

Reactions would slow down combat!
Not by any significant margin. Just look at how Solasta handles it. It takes more time for me to go to my hot bar, select the opportunity attack option I might want active, toggle it, remember to toggle it back off when needed then to just press "Yes" or "No" to an onscreen prompt and you can definitely limit those prompts in the same way Solasta does by only giving you the option for something like the shield spell if it would change the outcome.

Some classes have excessive buff options like divination wizard or bardic inspiration that would also bog things down.
I guarantee you anyone who played those classes or chose to have them on their team would definitely want the options that are supposed to be available to their class when appropriate instead of simply removing features because someone forgot to toggle them.

Some abilities don't translate as well to a videogame
Some, but very little. Most spells or abilities in 5e exist on a mechanical standpoint. The ones that exist in that fashion will translate perfectly fine. The one's that don't are ones that are typically at the DM's discretion or effect NPC (Zone of Truth is a good example, good luck with that one). Reactions however, are not one of those things.

But my floor effects!
Make them limited to spells that would actually use it or remove them entirely, this isn't divinity. But it definitely feels like it with all these elements from divinity lazily transferred over.

EDIT: To be clear. Shoving in 5e is something that requires an action. Same goes for Disengage. No one is saying to remove those actions from the game, but simply make them actually cost an action like normal instead of a bonus action like in 5e. I've responded to too many comments who think I am advocating for the shove button to be deleted.

Thank you all for reading! Good luck developing the game and stay safe!