Hey, I'm the one who posted the reddit discussion here. I do believe there are good arguments on the reaction system for those who want pop ups and those who do not. I don't know what the best option would be, but I am open to test it myself once Larian implements it into the game.

However I think one thing we can all agree on, is that shove and jump are huge problems when it comes to balance. Even throwing enemies is incredibly powerful and often overlooked. Yes we all know its fun. But there comes a point where shoving a minotaur from stealth is simply too much.

Shove can be stronger than spells since it can insta-kill almost anything and its only a bonus action.
Jump allows the player to ignore attacks of opportunity and get advantage on every single attack.
Candles and Torches allow weapon users to deal an additional 1d4 fire damage on every single attack. Simply drop it from your inventory, dip your weapon, pick the torch or candle up after the battle. This can be done anywhere, at any time. Its too powerful and I don't think this is intended design. It also makes poison bottles obsolete.
(Of course unlimited long rests are a huge balance issue too, I could write an entire essay on this and have done so already, but lets keep this discussion for another thread...)
Gaining advantage is way too easy via high ground and/or attacking from behind. This creates another problem: Imagine you are playing a Warlock and you have the decision to use a spell Slot and a full action on Faery fire or Darkness to give yourself advantage. Why would you ever waste your spell slots like that if you can simply get to the high ground? Warlocks have a tadpole ability for a free teleport. Or you can use a magic item for a free cast of misty step. Or simply run and jump.
In my opinion, there can certainly be bonuses to attacking from high ground. But advantage is too powerful. Maybe +1 or +2 on attack rolls, but not more!

I think everyone will understand that while DnD 5e is not perfectly balanced, things are designed the way they are for good reason. And sadly, the game is suffering in terms of enjoyment and balance simply because Larian decided to deviate from the rules. Not all of those deviations are neccesary.

I think advantage from high ground vs casting Faeri fire is one of the best examples of how Larian's design hurts the balance of the game, but also limits the options for players. If things stay the way they are currently, I don't see myself ever casting Faery fire or Darkness.

Also lets not forget that the Darkness Spell prevents the player from casting spells and doing ranged attacks while inside Darkness, even with Devil's Sight. And it also blocks projectiles from passing through.
This is another deviation from the rules. And many of use voiced their opinion about this already. This is a severe nerf to Darkness and frankly its not even worth it to use this spell as a Warlock now. We do not have Hexblade and we do not have pact of the blade. Casting Darkness to make some dagger attacks is a very poor use of your spell slot and the opportunity cost is too high. You could be doing much better things with your action and spell slot. This is sadly another example of how deviation from the rules has made a spell worse than it should be, just like Faery Fire.

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