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Hi @fylimar,

This is by far the best character face & dress I've seen so far !!!

Are you welling to share all the mods you used to create your character - pretty please !

Also, I noticed the "black bow" is that a mod or something I missed ? I don't mind if its a 1D4 or 1D1 .. I want it !

thanks !

Thank you.

I haven't used many mods: The Customizer (for being able to have a wider variety of faces and hair), Extra Hair Slot, A Basquet full of Equipment (the nude free edition, I hate skimpy armor) and the Patch 4 fixer (it's still listed under Patch 3) and Improved UI to make it work. You find them all on Nexus Mod. I used Baldurs Gate 3 Mod Manager to install them, that worked well.

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