Since this was merged into a mega-thread I'll try to provide some actually useful suggestions instead of just saying "YES!". I know this isn't a high priority for Larian, and I have seen that the armor in the game that will appear later on is at least much better than the pieces we had in DOS2. I am also aware of that most people at Larian probably has much more experience than I at making these suggestions work in practice and I would assume that there is a legitimate reason these kinds of things have not been implemented already.

However - from a roleplaying perspective I would definitely argue that the attire that you have is at least as important as the actual appearance of your character and I must admit I never really understood the idea behind letting us have a detailed character creation while "forcing" us to wear armor that might be near the very opposite of what we believe our character would be wearing.

What I am trying to say is: the way our characters dress is as much a part of their character as their hair color, eye color or tattoos. If you imagine your character as a mercenary thief or assassin skulking around in the night, then the simple leather outfit might feel out of place. I mean, our companions (that also start at level 1) have lost some (most?) of their powers due to the tadpole - there is no reason the player couldn't use a similar story about being more powerful than a level 1 adventurer pre-abduction.

Anyway, here is my wish list / suggestion list.

* Simple Dye Pack - regardless of how you choose to implement it, the work put into making a dye system would most likely pay off in the end since it would cause the game to require less amounts of armors designs (as players can recolor them as they please). I would personally vouch for a system like GW2 or Wolcen, where you have a few stock dyes and find other dyes throughout the game (I would even go as far as suggesting these to be account-wide, but I could see plenty of arguments to why you wouldn't do that). I would also vouch for the dying to be available to the player anywhere and anytime without a cost (for the pure cosmetic reason) - but I would understand the reasoning behind having dedicated NPCs with a fixed (or flexible) fee attached to the service. I would definitely say that we should be able to dye our first outfit in character select though, to introduce the system.

* Let us have a few low tier armors to select from (and preferably dye with our starting kit) at the character screen. The armor represents something about our characters past and tells a running story of who they were and what they were doing before getting picked up by the squiddies. My suggestion would be either: A) Let each armor type have a few options, regardless of starting class (aka. sourcerer and wizards choose from the same robes, rangers and rogues choose from the same attires etc). B) Tie the outfit to our background. It does feel a bit weird that a scholar or hermit would have the same starting outfit as a sailor or noble. This would probably require more job than alternative A (as well as negatively influence people to pick their background based on outfits rather than story / stats, but we already have that sort of thing regarding stats >>> story anyways).

* I would strongly suggest an outfit slot rather than a transmogrification system. A transmog system would require some kind of lore behind the transmogging - aka. some bored mage changing the looks of your attire for payment or anything similar. A outfit system would simply be 100% cosmetic and a part of role playing to separate the role playing aspect of the game from the stat-stick part of the game AAANNNDDD it would rid players of the annoyance of having to visit a NPC for mogging every time they receive new armor. My personal suggestion would be to let us unlock all equipment we find as outfits that we can simply use in our outfit slot. You could even have some quest-rewarded armor that serves as transmog armor only (aka. no stats) from side quests, main quests, flavor quests, DLCs, events and whatnot. I mean... Imagine if you actually would have been able to keep the cool pirate outfit in DOS2 for the entire game (and not being forced to be green during the process laugh ). Since I suspect our characters might be able to join or at least ally with different types of factions later on, it would be fun to be able to wear their regalia through some quest-line locked behind some form of "reputation" / "loyalty"-bar.

Hoot hoot, stranger! Fairly new to CRPGs, but I tried my best to provide some feedback regardless! <3 Read it here: My Open Letter to Larian