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* I would strongly suggest an outfit slot rather than a transmogrification system. A transmog system would require some kind of lore behind the transmogging - aka. some bored mage changing the looks of your attire for payment or anything similar. A outfit system would simply be 100% cosmetic and a part of role playing to separate the role playing aspect of the game from the stat-stick part of the game AAANNNDDD it would rid players of the annoyance of having to visit a NPC for mogging every time they receive new armor. My personal suggestion would be to let us unlock all equipment we find as outfits that we can simply use in our outfit slot. You could even have some quest-rewarded armor that serves as transmog armor only (aka. no stats) from side quests, main quests, flavor quests, DLCs, events and whatnot. I mean... Imagine if you actually would have been able to keep the cool pirate outfit in DOS2 for the entire game (and not being forced to be green during the process laugh ). Since I suspect our characters might be able to join or at least ally with different types of factions later on, it would be fun to be able to wear their regalia through some quest-line locked behind some form of "reputation" / "loyalty"-bar.

Actually I feel like implementing Transmog could be fairly easy. The NPC in question could be an illusionist and "recruiting" them could be a quest reward. They could cast an effect on your armor, and when under any effects that disable magic the armor could temporarily turn back to its normal form. Could also add the effects of regalia if any to said illusion, like people recognizing that your armor is Flaming Fist.