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I feel like I’m missing something. Is there any reason to think Larian cares at all about save scumming or is this topic just about people being judgemental about others who savescum?

I think it is the latter. There have been threads before going on about having the devs do something to stop or limit "savescumming". So hate it, some have no issue with it. Personally, I don't see any problem, since it is a personal choice, and any player can choose to not do it. Some games literally require savescumming like Xcom 2. Though they actually have a cool system of maintaining like 3 or 4 save points every minute apart while you play. That way if you die, you can choose to just reload say 2 minutes in the existing battle to try and change the outcome. But I STILL save before starting a new mission regardless.

Immersion is a personal thing, different for everyone. Some things that "break immersion" for some, do not do so for others.