My wishlist:
1. An opportunity to change pre-made characters' (Wyll, Gale, etc) appearence when choosing one as a main character (like in DOS 2) or choose an intresting background story for a self-made character. It would be great to play as character with backgroung which influences his relationships with others, to have special quests based on this background. Well, like in Original sin 2.đŸ˜€
2. Fully voiced main character.
3. Traditional 3-rd person camera (like in Witcher or Dragon age). Baldur's gate 3 looks beautiful, but it's impossible to enjoy the scenery with this camera.đŸ˜€
4. Bastard swords or any two-handed swords that are not ridiculously large (great swords in BG3 ARE ridiculuosly large, long swords are a bit too large too).
5. A button to make all companions follow/not follow.
6. Scars for a main character would be nice.

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