I do agree it can be a bit frustrating when dice rolls lock you out of certain events or keep you from getting certain items or something, but that is kinda the way life can be, right? Sometimes if you aren't lucky enough, you just miss out on something.

One thing I love about this game is that you never play the same game twice. Sometimes you make rolls and trigger events and sometimes you don't. Take away dice rolling triggering things or locking you out of things and the game loses a lot of edge and flavor. Next time I play, same game. No variations.

What I honestly think would be easiest and work best is 5e Hard Core rules, take away back stab, etc., but give players the option to go into settings and set for themselves their own preference on how many Inspiration points they have to start with. These points could be used in combat and dialogue both so if they want to cheese battles they could spend inspiration. So if players want easy mode, they can set themselves to have 100 inspiration points to start.

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