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Pacifists will never win because goblins are worth xp

If you decide that the only goal in the game is to gain power ...

These days, I'm really turned off by all this "manlihood through power" thing, which has resulted in game titles like "Godslayer, "God of war", Dragon's Extinction" and all this weird stuff of games doing so as if the only "fun" part of a game was to get enormously, if not monstrously powerful. I find fun in entirely other things, but since game development is mainly driven by male developers fpor male gamers, there isn't going to change much.

I am just not part of that fashion that games should be about nothing but becoming even more powerful.

For me, STORIES are what makes me want tp play, and the better a story, the more fun I'll have.
A story is something that can be re-read, but a simple "rise to powah" is not important to me.

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