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SH smiles more often than not. Gone is the resting scowl. It's much, much easier to get from "you'll do" to "pleasant surprise" dialogue.

She no longer breaks off the relationship after the kiss, instead she thinks the relationship shows promise. Which for me ruins part of the "I fear what might be in my memories, these feelings are a threat to my relationship with Shar" aspects of the romance.
Totally screw that change it fucks up her character so much. It's not even a character anymore. This is a populist change that goes against the integrity of the character to appeal the crowd.

Now I'm not saying Larian shouldn't do what the fans want, but they also shouldn't comprises on things like character consistency.
I always read it as Shadowheart being a textbook tsundere-it was never a stonewalling thing to me, it was a "she needs some space now". I would personally prefer the original dialogue, as you've probably guessed, but (and I know this sounds mean, I really don't mean it that way) players are idiots. Valve mentioned players never look up, with Shadowheart I felt the change happened because people didn't/couldn't read the subtext. I could be projecting that subtext of course, but in terms of pure mechanics the route/flag system for the npcs appears to be "Do the thing" or "Shut down the route" so that was another reason I dismissed her protests. IIRC her exact words were "That was a mistake" not "I never want to do that again, get away from me". Considering how standoffish, secretive and withdrawn, it made sense for her to pull away after exposing herself emotionally that way.