I also hope they strongly consider adding dyes or some other way to change colours.

Although I think the colour palettes and the armour designs are quite good overall, they still may not match your character. For example, my tiefling warlock had purple-hued skin and hair and that clashed really badly with the warlock armour. I liked the design of the armour, but I would have liked different colours for it. At least if they had a couple "palette" options for a particular armour that would give us some options.

If they do implement dyes or other ways to change colour, I hope they let you choose the saturation/lightness/darkness of the colour in addition to the hue. I've seen too many games where your option for a specific colour ends up looking garish and there's no way to tone it down.

With regard to the actual armour design, I liked how they did in Assassin's Creed Odessey where you can use the look of any previous armour you've found. That still leaves the feeling of discovery for those who like that, while not forcing the player to give up an armour they like when they find one with better stats. Of course, I'd be happy with just greater selection in general, however they choose to do it.