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>Is it DnD for players to be able to jump clear over the head of the enemy he has engaged to land behind him, and as the enemy watches you helplessly (due to it being turn based and it's not his turn to move) as you stab him in the back?

Yes, DnD is also turn based. you can do both of these things in DnD. Tho the first one is probably a difficult acrobatics check that either lets you land on your face or get an opportunity attack, but its still something you absoluteley can do with the apropriate skillset.

In BG3, EVERYONE can do this. Is it still DnD?

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>Is it DnD to be able to go invisible and then push an enemy that is twice your height and weight to his death with 100% chance of success?

i dont know where you get the 100% chance of success but tripping a troll of a bridge probably happens in every second campaign.

This game makes your Shove 100% success if you're invisible. Is this DnD?

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>Is it DnD for a character with 17 STR to be able to pick up an enemy, with perfect acquiescence from the latter, and then hurl him clear across the room? Mind you, the enemy cannot even do anything to stop you from lifting him up. Is this how DnD is played?

a character with 17 STR is jacked as shit, have you never watched wrestling as a kid? or done Judo?

So, in DnD, you don't even have to roll a check to pick up an enemy and hurl him 18 metres away? All it takes is 17 STR and the desire to throw the enemy?

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>Is it DnD for low level goblins to shoot fire arrows that, even when they miss you, light the ground beneath you on fire and do guaranteed unavoidable 2D4 damage?

onward to my goblin Slayer example.
Dont roll the dice, play smart. sounds pretty much in line with that.

You don't get a choice in the matter. If a goblin with a fire arrow wishes to set your ground on fire and do guaranteed 2D4 damage to you, he automatically succeeds. Is this DnD?

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I dont have much time right now to dedicate to play Baldurs Gate 3 or any video games for that matter. So id like some concrete examples how to get to those outlandish situations.

You can do and see all the above in BG3. These aren't examples I pulled out of thin air.

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