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I dont have much time right now to dedicate to play Baldurs Gate 3 or any video games for that matter. So id like some concrete examples how to get to those outlandish situations.

Whatever it is D&D or not, those "cheese" have a huge impact on combats and our valuable choices.
Here's a few exemples.

- Jump/disengage = ennemies don't ever have any AOO and their melee haven't any control on the battlefield.
- Backstab = easy advantages leading to many useless spells/features/(bonus) action.
- Backstab = huge bonus over the AI
- Highground = easy advantage leading to many useless spells/features/(bonus) action.
- Highground = easy disadvantages for your ennemies. Combined with the advantage it's a god mode.
- Surfaces created by items break your concentration way too often (and if you dodge the arrow, the fire will still spread and break your concentration)
- Eating pig head in combats as a bonus action (looks ridiculous and) heal more HP than healing potion
- Dipping your sword in candle (looks ridiculous and) give players free additionnal damages over the AI.
- Shoving is so easy and OP that it's like an "instant win button" rather than a tactical choice.

There are real balance issues in the game and many choices (i.e faery fire) become bad choices because of those easy/cheesy mechanics.

Your class / party composition / "skills" / or your D&D knowledge doesn't really matter.
Synergies between classes doesn't really exist and as soon as you know BG3's basics you're gonna play the same over and over again because this is how devs "wants" you to play.

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