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so what is "larian cheese" according to the new state of discussion

There are two layers of cheese in this game, I find. It would probably help to split everything between those two.

Cheese baked into non-core mechanics (largely optional and can be ignored, though there may be problems with enemies being balanced around the idea of being able to exploit some of them against you):
- Barrels
- Food healing
- Dipping
- Healing another character by throwing a potion at them (almost indistinguishable from the role of a Healing Word spell)
- Shove 100% success rate when invisible
- 'Time Bubble' effect where a player character engaged in combat can purposefully stall their turn, to allow stealthed party members currently considered out of combat to sneak around and alter the battlefield conditions as they wish, and insert themselves into a fight whenever they want (arguable, some encounters are difficult enough that it feels like they're balanced around the idea that you'll be doing this exact thing, which would shove this into the bottom category)

Cheese baked into core mechanics (which I personally find to be FAR more problematic as a player simply CANNOT ignore them, due to how the majority of encounters appear to be balanced around their existence):
- Height advantage (and the simultaneous disadvantage to enemies)
- Backstab advantage
- Jump and Disengage being coupled together, and Disengage being a bonus action
- Shove bonus action
- Field Effects (arguable, I only place this here based on the fact that damaging field effects have no saving throw against them and will force a character to roll for concentration twice for the same attack, for the initial attack and then for the field effect. A DM in tabletop DnD will never do this to you, anything similar there will just combine the damage together and force you to make one roll. Fix that, and this can be thrown into the upper category instead.)

Most complaints generally center around the bottom category. Fix those, and the upper category would in theory suddenly become a lot less problematic.

On the topic of field effects in general, I just realized that the vast majority of Paladin's spells require concentration. If field effects remain the same as they are, we're going to have a lot of angry Paladin players in the future talking about how much harder it is to actually get any mileage out of their spells in BG3 due to factors completely out of their control, with no real counter besides counter cheesing so that there's less enemies around (if any) that can do something unavoidable. But at that point, it may not even be worth using those concentration spells to begin with...

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