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There are two layers of cheese in this game, I find. It would probably help to split everything between those two.

Cheese baked into non-core mechanics (largely optional and can be ignored, though there may be problems with enemies being balanced around the idea of being able to exploit some of them against you):
- Barrels
- Food healing
- Dipping
- Healing another character by throwing a potion at them (almost indistinguishable from the role of a Healing Word spell)

Cheese baked into core mechanics (which I personally find to be FAR more problematic as a player simply CANNOT ignore them, due to how the majority of encounters appear to be balanced around their existence):
- Height advantage (and the simultaneous disadvantage to enemies)
- Backstab advantage
- Jump and Disengage being coupled together, and Disengage being a bonus action
- Shove bonus action
- Field Effects (arguable, I only place this here based on the fact that damaging field effects have no saving throw against them and will force a character to roll for concentration twice for the same attack, for the initial attack and then for the field effect. A DM in tabletop DnD will never do this to you, anything similar there will just combine the damage together and force you to make one roll. Fix that, and this can be thrown into the upper category instead.)

Most complaints generally center around the bottom category. Fix those, and the upper category would in theory suddenly become a lot less problematic.

I agree with most of what you've stated here, and how you've stated, except for Dipping. I'd stick Dipping into the problematic category, because of the impact it has on damage at early levels, and the fact that it can be done, with a candle. If it were a scenario, where you had alchemists fire, and "dipped" a blade in it to cause it to light, using up the alchemist's fire and an action to dip, then it would add a cost that would balance out the benefit.

As it is now, if you are within range of anything alight, it's a no brainer to dip.

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