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>is it still DnD

first i wanna adress this quesiton: yes.
Why is it still dnd? because DnD is not as rigid as you might think. Essentialy RAW are guidelines. The Dungeon Master used to be called the Referee and this is still what is job is. Dungeon Master is a marketing term.
At the end of the day DnD isnt played RAW. If theres no intentional houserules, theres bound to be unintentional ones. or rulings.
Basically saying any deviation from RAW causes it to be less DnD is fundamentally misunderstanding how DND is played. Its a game of rulings, not a game of rules.
If you play DnD and dont consider it that way, i would advise you to DM a oneshot for your group once. You probably just havent noticed that your DM has been giving "rulings" opposed to following rules for quite some time without you noticing.

Are you stating for the record that it is DnD for any character, with any stats, wearing heavy armour, to automatically succeed in jumping over an enemy and then land behind him and then backstab him? Is this what DnD is to you? It's a simple question that only requires a yes or no answer. Yes, we know that the DM can adjudicate individual instances and decide on the DC to pass. But that is not the case here. So, I repeat, automatic success with jumping over enemies and landing behind them to backstab them. Is this how DnD is played, yes or no?

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>throwing people in dnd
It would require a grappling attack which im pretty sure Baldurs Gate doesnt have implemented (hopefully yet, grappling is fun)
As for actually throwing anyone: i dont think there has ever been a concrete rule for this. Maybe in 3.5 but no edition ive played for longer periods of time had any rules for that.
That of coruse doesnt mean it doesnt exist in the world. It means its a DM ruling.
Id personally count it as a grappling attack and a subsequent improvised weapon ranged attack.

Is it DnD for the DM to say that every grappling attempt automatically succeeds as long as he has 17 STR?

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>You don't get a choice in the matter. If a goblin with a fire arrow wishes to set your ground on fire and do guaranteed 2D4 damage to you, he automatically succeeds. Is this DnD?

If the goblin sets the ground you happen to stand on on fire, you take damage. Theres plenty of spells in DnD that make you take damage no matter what. Theres plenty of damage attakcs you cannot save against.
Maybe you SHOULDNT have let the goblin set the ground on fire should you? Maybe you shouldnt have let the goblin notice you in the first place.

There are some spells that cause damage that you can't save against, such as Magic Missiles or Heat Metal, but even those can be Counterspelled, once level 3 spells are available. These fire arrows cannot be dodged with AC or with the Shield spell, or Counterspelled. The vast majority of spells in DnD give the target a chance to avoid it or halve it. Not these fire arrows, which are also ubiquitous among the goblins. You seem fine with such cheese tactics, but many aren't, and the proliferation of surface effects is among the chief complaints even among those who love the game.

As for not being seen, you can use it to justify any number cheap tactics, so I'm not surprised you reached for this excuse. If an invisible goblin sneaks behind you and shoves you to your death. You should not have been seen, then, should you? A goblin has a weapon that kills you on the spot, no saving throw, bypasses your AC. Should have stayed hidden then. Let's proliferate these weapons so that every goblin has one. Shouldn't be a problem, just don't be seen. Is this how you play DnD?

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>you can do all of that in BG3
ill see that when i have more time. But somehow i think these sound like cherrypicked situations. Repeating "Is this DnD" after every poitn doesnt make you believe you more, it makes me question wether or not you care about wether or not it is "DnD" or wether you just assume that i do.

I didn't have to assume, since you already came right out to claim that cheap and cheesy tactics are what DnD games are. I quote,

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You know what? larian cheese is good.

If you played any older DnD editions youd probably run into very much the same stuff.

I'm merely putting your claims to the test. And you're right that I cherry-picked these examples, because if I didn't and had to include each and every Larian cheese in the game, it'll be a long long post.