Gale's popularity surprised me, because everyone is talking about Astarion and he's really easy to get. Getting Gale's romance is not so easy, which is worth its "rare" cutscene, which I still haven't been able to open. Gale also has a "love past" that is actually unpleasant. Wyll, too.

That's why choosing Astarion seems to be the most logical and easiest thing to do. But maybe some people just don't want to play "evil"? Or maybe Larian's statistics aren't quite right. Perhaps they consider "scene in the forest" as an activation of romance? Because I thought it was just part of Gale's story.

I would like to make harder get Astarion and Lae romance. I think their scenes are too easy for people to get, no matter how ppl play.

I don't speak english well, but I try my best. Ty