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After lengthy consideration this is what I would like for the resting system in BG3:
- A gold tax
I would prefer to simply have some sort of in game clock and have one long rest and maybe 2 short rests allowed per day. A gold tax is not necessary and complicates what should already be an easy system (5e).
- Local resting spots.
Yes. Have a few in different parts of the map similar to DA:I and they become mostly safe after clearing the surrounding areas.
- Fatigue system
Yes. With a day/night cycle or at least an in game clock, you would know if you could continue traveling to a new safe place or backtrack to an already discovered one.
- Redesign the fast travel system.
Yes. Fast travel would be allowed between discovered camp areas but the in game clock would advance according to the estimated travel time. The camp model could be the same for most areas (overland camp would be what we have now, Underdark camp would be another model, etc.)
- Optional random encounters
This could be interesting but perhaps either as a menu option or if camp locations are not used for a while then enemies would respawn near them.

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There is already sign of long rest requirement via dialog that characters say out of no where. This leads to possibility of a day night cycle of some sort, I would guess a fatigue system - one that reduces attributes or combat effectiveness. Along with locking long rests to the feature, so it would be time, combat, or checkpoint triggered.

Compiling more ontop of it will lead to a survival game (starvation, camp equipment breaking/repair, exhaustion, etc).
That dialogue seems to only be because someone wants to talk to you at camp. I tried resting every time someone complained about being tired on my last playthrough and it was ridiculous and immersion breaking.

We need a day/night cycle or at least an in game clock. Exhaustion can simply be like it is in 5e, eating and equipment repair would most likely be assumed to be happening during rests. Dialogue should be able to happen anywhere unless it requires a camp trigger, to avoid the feeling that our companions have never done anything requiring exertion in their lives.