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Then maybe computer D&D just isn't your kind of game.

You can't make a DM rest system in a computer game, so all your doing is making mage tax rules and that seems really brightness challenged.

Day/Night because of the "story" elements of the camp, but otherwise go with an unlimited short rest where everyone can refresh including mage/clerics, but add in that if you rest in a dungeon with live encounters they will patrol and notice and attack or be way harder to fight. The world is already way to static, like you can kill and no one notice and the corps just stay around.

So you can rest in a situation where time isn't a factor, but make it impossible to do a little goblin killing then rest with no time reaction from the goblins.
So you are saying that mages should get to rest every five minutes so they can use all their spell slots in every battle? That seems "brightness challenged" to me. Balancing classes is necessary, especially when we get to higher level spells. I didn't play much of the first two BG but there was a decent rest system in the form of fatigue, seems that it worked fine for computer DnD.

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It generally feels like a unfinished feature, I can't imagine it'll be left like how it is for full release.
Agreed and I really hope they modify it a lot.