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Honestly, the only problem I have with "backstab" (that is to say, advantage on attacks against an enemy that is not facing you) is that you can achieve it without allies, or rather, more than one enemy of the enemy. If two individuals face each other in combat and no allies or enemies are in similarly close range, it's just stupid that you should be able to simply walk around the opponent (or worse, jump over them) and then stab them in the back with advantage. Why would an enemy let you do that? It's just silly. Now, if there's more than one enemy close to an opponent, it makes more sense as they can't keep track of too many at a time.
There seems to be a fine line between silly and "player agency" these days. Or a gross overlap.

I actually wish Larian would do a pass on BG3 to remove or tone down a lot of the "silly" parts.

Eating pigs heads in combat. Excessive shoving, throwing and jumping in combat. "Helping" PC's up repeatedly without any magical healing while enemies continue to pummel them back into the ground. Smashing a healing potion into someone's armor to heal them. Dipping a metal weapon in a candle. Metal burning without a flammable substance. Explosions looking for any excuse to happen. Jumping into crazy heights like a Marvel superhero rather than climbing like humans do. These things belong in a tongue-in-cheek platform game and not in an RPG trying to tell a grown up story. One that also has a responsibility of continuing an existing franchise where silly things can exist in writing but never as part of the game mechanics.