My list of bugs:

- I killed Ethel by shoving her off a cliff (hilarious), freed Mayrina and let her go off and raise her baby with a zombie (eww). Talked to the Masks, etc. Everyone in the game knows Ethel is dead - except my quest log, where it still says "seek help from Auntie Ethel". Log has not updated.
- Conversation cutscenes occasionally bugging out to a black screen, can still hear the NPC voice and see the text and progress the conversation, but the visual bugs out.
- Combat - I tell a character to go hit something or cast a spell that involves touching the target, they move and path around the target (my bad for selecting that pathing really) which opens them up to an attack by the target. They get attacked, possibly retaliate in response, but forget what skill/spell I told them to use so I have to do it again. Not sure this is intended?
- Character screen - after cycling through the characters sorting out their armour and such, I noticed that Shadowheart's "Worshipper of Shar" gets stuck and is visible for every character I click after. I'm pretty sure my Tiefling Druid was not a Shar worshipper! smile
- Also character screen - playing Tiefling Druid female, her skin and bra clips through the front of Drow armour. But only on the character screen, not in the game itself. Have not seen this with any other armour.
- Dream Lover - after character creation, I'm 99% sure I selected his hair to be dark brown, but when he showed up in the dream, his hair was all white. It could have been a last second mis-click at initial character creation, but I really don't think so as I was trying to re-create my husband's looks at the time (this was BEFORE I had any idea of who the Dream Lover was - never doing that again!!! Too creepy!)
- After spending the night with Astarion, none of the other party members had anything to say about it. Next morning's conversation goes straight to Halsin's explanation of where the team should go next, and talking to the other characters after only has all the usual recurring chat options. My husband's playthrough on a different computer did have character comments about his evening with Shadowheart, and I've read that the characters usually have something to say on your choice of partner, so I feel like I missed out on some party banter. frown
- Speaking of party banter, I've noticed on my husband's computer the characters are reasonably chatty throughout exploring (he usually runs with Shadowheart, Gale and Wyll). My team (Astarion, Shadowheart, Lae'zel) seemingly ran through all of their lines in one spot in the Forest area - and then nothing since! I don't know whether this is bugged, or this particular NPC combination just doesn't have much banter included yet, or it's somehow based on banter happening in one specific area, but mine have been more or less silent for the rest of my game.