This change means that there is no longer an option for RNG with a uniform distribution in BG3*.

Unweighted BG3 dice rolls (mostly patch 3, some patch 4 data) were inconsistent with a uniform distribution at 95% confidence. The average of 508 rolls was 11.16 (2-sigma difference from the expected average of 10.5) and rolls came in streaks, where you were more likely to roll values similar to the previously rolled values. 10, 17, and 18 showed up statistically more frequent (1.5- to 4-sigma) than expectation. 1 and 6 showed up statistically less often (1.5- to 2-sigma) than expected.

The old (patch 4 data) "loaded die" actually fixed this problem and produced a uniform distribution of rolls! The average of 747 rolls was 10.7 (within 1-sigma of the expected average of 10.5) and the only number that appeared statistically more/less often than it should was 6 (underrepresented at 2-sigma).

After this hotfix, your options are to either use unweighted dice where there will be lots of streaks and an overabundance of 10 & 17 rolls, or use loaded dice which will still have streaks but only for values>10. *It is possible that Larian has fixed the unweighted rng in recent updates, but there's been no mention of doing so in the patch/hotfix notes.

Links to the data collected by Niara, Saberem, Adiktus, and DragonSnooz: