It think that this hyper-focus on the dice results might not be the absolute bestest of things, if it means not giving any thoughts to the bigger picture (and of course, it doesn't have to mean that).

On the one hand, yes, there is random number generation. Humans have an incorrect perception of randomness. Like most games, BG3 would rather provide dice results that feel right rather than dice results that are right. So I understand the search for that sweet spot.

On the other hand, there is also game design.

As far as combat is concerned, hit chance (and how to improve it) is a core part of 5E. If you don't want the players of your BG3 campaign to miss as much as the TT players, perhaps this can be done by simply changing the rules, rather than changing the dice ?

As far as cutscene Ability Checks are concerned, enjoying better rolls will make some scenes like Brother Edowin's Tadpole statistically less frustrating, but not fundamentally better.

So, here's to hoping that future Patches will focus more on why some dice are rolled and how the results are used, rather the how the dice results are generated !

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