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I forgot collecting and plopping down huge barrels from magic pockets.

They are called a Bag of Holding in D&D and even that rare and powerful magic item doesn't make it possible to use potions from someone else's inventory, or the entire party using the same Greatsword +1 to attack while also using a shield during enemy turns.

Oh god I keep forgetting those things exist. It always makes me depressed when I consider the fact that those are actual things in BG3 -_-
Better yet, when fighting spiders and ettercaps everyone in the party can equip Visions of the Absolute for that extra 2d6 dmg before attacking and then pass it along to the next attacker in the initiative order. While eating a pig's head.

Is that considered a "creative solution" and "player agency"? Right now I just really need Larian to come out and say "of course not, but it's a low priority fix". Because I'm not sure they see any problem there.