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I think many people in this forum are stressing out too much about battle mechanics. I agree with many of the above points and have highlighted areas for improvement in previous posts, but we need to keep perspective. I would wager that Larian has a laundry list of things to fix before release. Many of these items will be addressed, or we will have to wait for a mod to give the game the flavor we are looking for.

Let’s give these guys a little credit for what they have made. This game, even in its raw and unfinished state, is very fun. It’s story, so far, is the best I have seen in a cRPG since KOTOR. Larian’s CEO dresses in armor and is passionate about the project. Honestly we just need to give them a chance.

It would make zero sense from a development standpoint for Larian to spend the time and resources necessary to design the combat around DOS-type mechanics, with the intention of going back and moving more towards 5E and negating the work that has been put in to the project.

Not to mention, that every statement from Larian, has indicated that including DOS-style gameplay, was intentional, because they don't actually understand 5E rules very well, and have struggled to adapt them.