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I'm annoyed as well that we haven't seen any major changes other than improved dice rolls. But it is still logical that Larian wanted to get as much done to get the game into early access and the hold off onto other aspects for later. So there are some Divinity hold-overs.

I don't know why RNG was the main focus, when disadvantage while attacking enemies on a higher elevation than you can confuse the player and result in a miss. (Note, this is not RNG's fault but a poor design choice).

That being said, where's a hotfix for rule implementation? If we can get a hotfix for different RNG, why not one to address backstab? etc.

Except that's not how Early Access works, what you are describing is Alpha level development where major design decisions are still in flux. Beta software is feature complete, Early Access, would be Beta or later level, core feature design is complete, even if they haven't released the content into Early Access.

I wouldn't expect major changes to anything at this point, what we are seeing, minus some tweaks, is what we are going to get at release.

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