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5e phb puriest will probably raise hell though.
There is a game called Solasta that is implementing 5e rules pretty much as written and it plays amazingly.
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Pushing and shoving

Of course, there is combat, and Vincke says the team is working on that aspect as well. He says they think it's a little bit too random still, in cases where they'd like it to be more tactical. They're also tooling with the RNG in some areas, and are looking for ways of streamlining it to have a "more modern experience."

Jeez. It's their own changes that made 5e less tactical. Revert them!

Free Disengage for everyone! Always go high. Always hit from behind. Always eat a cheese wheel. Shove, shove, shove. Dip and poison. Stealth murder the entire encounter in heavy armor without being seen. Long rest after every encounter. They killed the gameplay with these no brainer OP things you can do without any resource management.

I mean... BG3 is great in many ways, but Larian seriously don't get what tactical gameplay means. 5e RAW makes for a good tactical game and you absolutely could spice it up with more hazards and some explosives. But Larian won't see this with their tunnel vision where only "modern" DOS mechanics exist.
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They could increase A LOT players agency/creativity if custom mechanics weren't so overpowered.

If D&D is about player's agency and creativity, let us also only play with D&D rules and spells and class abilities rather than impose us a good way of playing.

I'm 100% fine with their will to add more things and even silly things I won't use (like throwing boots or ennemies)... But please let me play this incredible game how I want to play it...

A better balance between custom rules and RAW mechanics is the only solution so players can CHOOSE and use THEIR creativity rather than yours.

This game is so very beautiful, so it disheartens me to see all the wheel spinning.

I predicted that the modders would be transforming the game back to RAW, and that's what is happening.

5e tabletop is the most popular PnP game, and should have easily translated to this venue when they made the decision to adopt D20 turn based. The problem is that they never had the faith to try the RAW in the first place.

I had faith that if they didn't they would waist a lot of time and money.

Stop fighting it. I mean modders are pushing out unfinished classes, and making plenty of customization...efficiently.

I hear a lot of the same echoes from other posters:

Add a first person view option and let us look around.

The bug fixing is necessary.

Work on the character system...specifically get rid of petty drama and find ways to pull a diverse party together, rather than DISAPROVE, DISAPROVE, DISAPROVE.
The npcs should react to player decisions, not the other way around.

Avoiding the word "good" like the plague...give us characters with...erm...more character. The noble sort of NPCs, for those of us, who enjoyed feeling the atmosphere of working with the Harpers. Getting recognized by Elminster. Meeting simple Drama free folk that made the game feel like a living world going 'bout its business.

Figure that out fast, so you can make the story itself something very enjoyable to finish.