Huh. Well, this thread already paid off in a big way, it seems. When I envisioned a poll system for this forum, I thought it'd work like most forums where there's just one central poll held throughout the entire thread. But putting them into posts allows for the possibility for someone to run multiple polls at once in the same thread. Which might make this place actually better for what I have in mind, at least in terms of neatly organizing the results.

But yeah, I mostly choose Reddit because it has the largest observable community by far, and while holding the poll on this forum would be nice, realistically most BG3 subreddit users won't have forum accounts, while most people are far more likely to have Reddit accounts by this point.

Of course, this also carries the risk of some troll siccing a bunch of bots on the Reddit poll too, but what can you even do at that point?

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