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> "I've never been with a man before"
Í like this idea ...
It would be funny as hell, if he tells you after night spend together. laugh

Actually, a sexually inexperienced companion/man would also be something new & kinda interesting. It's always a bit weird how everyone is always great at sex ^^

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That sounds awful, the only options for homosexual characters are a couple you have to break up? No thanks.

Nope, you can enter into a three way relationship. I was only complaining about how *easy* it is to break them up because I consider that bad writing. As stated before, I wish characters to have their own mind & while it might certainly be possible to break up lovers, there should be a good reason for that.

I looked it up now. The options for bisexuals & homosexuals in Pathfinder Kingmaker are:

(1) Octavia, bisexual, in a relationship with Regongar, you can either go for a polyamorous (3 way) relationship or break them up
(2) Regongar, bisexual, in a relationship with Octavia, you can either go three way or break them up
(3) Kalikke and Kanera, twins sharing a body, bisexual
(4) Nyrissa, secret romance which I think is attainable with either sex

Options for heterosexuals:

(1) Valerie, straight
(2) Tristian, straight
(3) DLC, Maegar Varn, straight

-> So, they basically have a lot of straight & bisexual romances.