Solasta does play a lot better. It's more tactical and it feels a lot better without the cheesy exploits.

At this point we can just hope Larian will acknowledge and respect that many people feel like this and will offer a mode that's as close to RAW as possible, instead of just shoving their way of "fun" down everyone's throat. Personally, the combat in BG3 is in a state that just ruins the game for me. I need an actual tactical challenge without all the silly high ground backstab pig head stuff. And for replayability's sake the focus needs to shift from the environmental gimmicks and modifiers to class abilities.

While it might be easy to change something like Disengage from bonus action to action through difficulty settings, the resting system is something that can't be changed by a simple difficulty setting. Unlimited free resting is a big problem in a system that has been designed around a finite amount of resting. So I really hope they consider how to give players a chance for an authentic D&D experience and build the game with that in mind from the ground up.