I am sure that nothing "kills" BG3 because the difference between number of players of BG3 and Solasta is global. And I believe that the developers make the game on different engines, which can create certain problems when implementing any mechanics. Not to mention just different views.

Also, Larian seems to be trying to reach a larger layer of players, people here continue to talk as if every gamer has played DnD and understands the mechanics of the board game, but this is a mistake. That's why many people complain about dice, because they do not like "random", they do not understand why this is like that, they are not familiar with DnD they came to play RPG game thats all. Also, these "thousands" of topics are often created by the same people.

I believe that some of mechanics from DnD can be fun and interesting, and will have a good effect on gameplay BG3, but I also believe that if this does not happen, then it's okay, because for me it's just a video game, not a board game. I don't think Solasta or Pathfinder will ever attract as many people as BG3 or even DOS2 which was also very popular. I think Larian has a reason to act the way they do.

I don't speak english well, but I try my best. Ty