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Lol. Join the D&D Works in Solasta Club! 😄

Some of us here are trying so hard to make this point too. The one why Solasta really kills BG3 is that it does 5e right.

That's said, I have learned that part of the issue is that Larian is not just trying to appeal to 5e fans. You have a LOT of people out here who really hate 5e rules and want the game to be more like DOS or even other video games totally unrelated.

But, this game is Forgotten Realms. It was marketed as a 5e game. So, in my opinion, the non-5e people should take more of a back seat. I know that sounds harsh, but making a D&D world game NOT true to D&D is like throwing elements of Star Trek into Star Wars and saying it's okay, they're both Sci Fi. Faerun has ALWAYS been about D&D. So the game should be more true to D&D. It should not be a quasi-D&D kinda like DOS game.
So probably the worst thing that could have happened to BG3 is a AAA budget, ironically. High production values, lame shallow gameplay. It happened to Dragon Age, maybe it's simply inevitable.

The only chance is that they somehow manage to create both a "D&D RAW mode" AND a "casual videogamer mode" where people can blow up barrels and never miss or fail skill checks. And that these two modes don't compromise eachother.