Baldur's Gate 3 would be perfect if its combat system was more true to D&D and if there weren't so many Larianism ON TOP OF a deep and consistent system/setting.

Yes, Solasta prove that D&D mechanics are good in a video game even if Solasta lack of money and WoTC support to create a very popular experience.

But honnestly who really think that Larian changed the system because "it's a video game" ?

They took the horrible dice rolls during dialogs but they screwed the entire combat system because what ? Tactical combats doesn't work in video games but looking at a dice rolling is fun ?

I guess they changed things because they wanted to create a true Larian game "they would like to play" in a D&D setting... Nothing more.

Solasta is far from being perfect but Larian should hire Tactical Adventure because they know better how to use/play with/exploit D&D's mechanics.

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