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Good for you. I played original DnD, ADnD, and DnD2e before giving up on TT, and I know how we played them, according to our interpretation of the rules, and I can comprehend the difference between the way those early rules worked, and the more rigidly defined later rules and action economy.

Apparently, you are incapable of understanding those differences, or unwilling. In common with many of your other posts, you choose instead to offer supercilious critique of positions that others have not actually put forward.

Your entire erroneous argument is predicated on your belief that because 2e movement was "simultaneous", that is some how negates the fact the turn-based combat action sequence, was repeated until combat was resolved.

"They were simultaneous movement, with initiative-based combat/action resolution. Turn-based was introduced in a late-2e optional expansion, and then in 3e."

It didn't. Even if you were playing some sort of home-brew rule where whomever yelled out first got to attack first, there's literally nothing 'real-time' about DnD combat, it's always been some form of turn-based approximation, even back to the original Chainmail and DnD.