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It was already in an interview that they are not adding real time with pause and plan to keep the game turn based which is something that personally I dont mind and think is a good option to the game. There are crpgs that do use realtime with pause. For those that are interested in real time combat. But real time combat isnt what DnD is meant to play as. Which was the concept behind what balders gate 3 was always intended to be which was stated before the game was released. If they added it for people who wanted it I personally wouldnt complain but honestly the combat system would be garbage to using tactics when you use real time with pause at that point why not just play a hack and slash game or an MMo. As the concept is basically the same.

This is just an opinion but real time with pause in terms of DnD based combat completely defeats the entire idea behind it being a DND based game. Ive had no issues getting through even large combat sequences quickly even when your talking 10 + goblins its not hard to thin the numbers quickly enough to make the npc turns fly by fast enough that its not annoying in slightest. If its taking you an hour to get through a combat sequence your probably not doing the fight in a tactically sound way and you can find more efficient ways to do the fight. Currently this patch the most difficult fight ive had overall was the minotaurs which took twice as long as previous patches but other fights like spider matriach ended in 2 rounds of combat or less. Generally just taking an efficient approach to how you initiate the combat is sufficient to make the fights short. Either by thinning enemy numbers quickly or focus firing more threatening targets down quickly you can generally clear most of the fights taking little to no damage to the point you shouldnt need a long rest for 3-4 fights even unless your using a caster heavy party.

I'm glad larian has decided to stick with turn based combat as a game and wish more companies were designing games with turn based combat options for games in mind.

RTwP was a terrible system for BG1/2. It's a terrible system to use for any game that is attempting to adapt a turn-based tabletop system to a videogame.

That's why it works so well for Dragon Agae: Origins, that's probably the best implementation of RTwP. They were using their own game system, they were able to tailor combat mechanics to fit RTwP instead of trying to shoehorn in turn-based mechanics to fit a real-time system.

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