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Pathfinder Kingmaker made it mostly right. You have some characters that are straight (Valerie, Tristian), some bisexual (Octavia and Regongar). I think there was no one straight homosexual, but maybe I don't remember, since I didn't actively look for it.

The only things I didn't like were:

(1) I couldn't romance Amiri with either sex, because she is some kind of original character
(2) It was far too easy to break up Regongar and Octavia. They basically immediately dump each other for the player.
That sounds awful, the only options for homosexual characters are a couple you have to break up? No thanks.
It's a depressing trend in rpgs. There are same sex romance options, but they are frequently bisexual, at the same time there are heterosexual-exclusive options. So heterosexual characters can romance whoever they want, while same sex options are limited to one or two non-exclusive options (if they exist at all, far from a given esp in older games.

Hell, even with the whole 'playersexual' thing Larian is going with, you can tell that every companion is written as 'heterosexual default' bar Asterion.

Learning that Pathfinder went that they not only went that route but made breaking up a couple a requisite thing if you didn't want to be bisexual polyamorous got a big 'what the hell' out of me back when I found out.

In regards to the whole 'playersexual' thing. 'everyone's bi' isn't perfect, but way better than the alternative which has historically tended to be 'here's a token playersexual character of each gender, everyone else is a heterosexual-exclusive option'. Which is just the same problem except it's less visible to people who only want heterosexual options.