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It's night and day between the two games... Solasta really proves that staying closer to 5e rules really works. That maybe implementing hundreds of home brew changes to a core game that has over four decades of balancing, improving, and expanding on D&D mechanics to derive at 5e may not be the solution. There's thousands of threads already about how implementing one core change can influence multiple other mechanics in the game .., and create severe balancing issues.
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You know you've really messed with balancing issues when you have to implement loaded dice to manipulate computer generated probabilities because your game is so unbalanced.
Seeing two dice changes so soon has me losing faith in the future of the game. If anyone DMs a campaign they can see quickly that fun comes from how everything is designed and presented, not what happened with the dice rolls.

If you add homebrew rules that players get disadvantage from dim light, disadvantage from being on a lower elevation, and players complain about misses... is it the dice? Or is it the homebrew? The fact that Larian chose to change the dice (again) over changing homebrew baffles me.

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