I see people are still trying to fight for changes. I’ve resigned to the fact that Larian is set in their ways. But I’ll chime in again.

I personally haven’t touched BG3 since the last big patch. I tried messing around with it using mods but the game is becoming annoying. I am now wondering about the longevity of the game.

It’s fun for a couple of play throughs but with each play, you can’t help but see the obvious design problems. The combat system is a major problem but I’m also noticing how grating the group chaining and jumping is on my nerves. It’s like I’m fighting the goblins and the game system.

Simply put, the game is incredibly annoying to play. It’s pretty and has a somewhat decent story but the gameplay is awful. I think people like BG3 in spite of its flaws but those flaws become more and more evident with each play through.

On the opposite side, Solasta didn’t impress me at first with its low budget character graphics and cheaper cinematics. But the game grows on you. The game play flows very smoothly with each action guided by the system. It’s incredibly intuitive.

And it is starting to show more complexity. Tactics isn’t always about high ground or tossing bodies or barrels. It isn’t setting everything on fire. It’s using a variety of spells and counter spells that can change the battlefield. It’s about positioning and moving from one cover to the next and building choke points.

And because the game system works so well, I am becoming more invested in the Solasta world. I am curious where the story will go. And with the ability to build your own dungeons, the game will have longevity.

I have no such feeling for BG3. The only reason I have any investment is due to its connection to D&D and Forgotten Realms which evidence shows to be minor and shallow.