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Baldur's Gate 3 would be perfect if its combat system was more true to D&D and if there weren't so many Larianism ON TOP OF a deep and consistent system/setting.

Yes, Solasta prove that D&D mechanics are good in a video game even if Solasta lack of money and WoTC support to create a very popular experience.

But honnestly who really think that Larian changed the system because "it's a video game" ?

They took the horrible dice rolls during dialogs but they screwed the entire combat system because what ? Tactical combats doesn't work in video games but looking at a dice rolling is fun ?

I guess they changed things because they wanted to create a true Larian game "they would like to play" in a D&D setting... Nothing more.

Solasta is far from being perfect but Larian should hire Tactical Adventure because they know better how to use/play with/exploit D&D's mechanics.

If anything, I don't think they "changed" the system because it's a video game. They originally had a system that worked perfectly in DOS2 and people played using these mechanics.

It is more correct to say that they did NOT CHANGE SYSTEM, because it worked for gamers in their previous game. I assume that the BG3 system is mainly complained about by those who are familiar with the DnD.

Those who are not familiar with the DnD complain only about dice and the limited skills, for obvious reasons, but not a word about DnD rules.

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