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@ReaLMoisan nailed it.

I don't know if Larian will be able correct it's problems because it would require loads of humility. They started this project with an attitude that said: "we've been really successful, we understand how make video games fun" and those feelings of pride lead them to start to project with "well, obviously, the tabletop mechanics won't work in video game . . . . so instead "

Meaning the started on the wrong foot. If they were to regain their footing they would to start with "I guess we weren't the experts in D&D. I guess we underestimated how much people liked the tabletop ruleset. So we are . . ." And I haven't seen anything like that level of humility in their interviews.

Larian has lots of strengths but humility is does not seem to be one of them.

How much invention and brainstorming actually went into faithfully trying to do 5e initially on their engine vs. knowing they were going to splice and dice in order to shift it to DOS as much as possible while creating a mirage of DnD shell?

We will never know. What we do know is the lead game developer said on a video that reactions like Solasta were not viable, Swen has said some DnD 5e mechanics were not viable. Who knows if they did or did not actually try first and what the breaking point was.

We will not because nothing is communicated. Any major issues has been placed as the on-us on modding and modders. What kind of game developer does that and then what was the point of EA if Larian (as they claim) have their own testers and QA.